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Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

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If you look at it, the key pouch simply looks like a glorified coin purse with louis vuitton key pouch dupes attached chain and hook for the louis vuitton key pouch dupes.

Some people found this piece so useful in their everyday life, that they collected all three available prints for this item monogram, damier ebene, and damier azure. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch in Damier Ebene Curious about how link key pouch would work in my daily living and how much this tiny thing could hold, I jumped on the bandwagon.

Alternatives to the LV cles?

Materials The LV key pouch is made of two pieces of durable coated canvas which are sewn together. The zipper, zipper pull, slider, chain, louis vuitton key pouch dupes hook are gold plated brass.

In the long term, the hardware will tarnish.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

How quickly the gold plating will fade depends on how frequent the product is being used. A closer look at the hardware.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

Apart from the key chain and hook, this key pouch is empty. But the most common use of this Louis vuitton key pouch dupes item is of course for storage of 1 coins, 2 multiple credit, bank, and points cards, 3 keys, 4 first aid and medicine, 5 earphones, 6 hair pins and hair ties, and a lot more.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

People usually keep these small items separately louis vuitton key pouch dupes per type, but never altogether. Key Pouch and its gold plated brass hardware Still unsure about its louis vuitton key pouch dupes capacity, I purchased my own so I louis vuitton louis vuitton key pouch dupes pouch dupes combine all coins, bills, cards, and keys - the everyday things I would bring whenever I leave the house.


Cards, click, banknotes, and coins - all the things to fill up my LV Key Pouch.

Philippine Peso Coins: 1 peso, new five pesos, old five pesos The cards are just the standard size cards bank, credit, and health.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

The Philippine banknotes have the same sizes for all denomination comparable to US dollar banknotes. The keys are just the louis vuitton key pouch dupes keys for door knobs.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

Finally, the coins are the commonly used ones in the country, with one-peso coins 23mm a hair smaller in diameter as compared to US dollar quarters, and the old five peso coin at 26mm in louis vuitton key pouch dupes. The Test Positioning all the items inside can be louis vuitton key pouch dupes little tricky.

Louis Vuitton Key Pouches

I had to strategize. First, I folded each banknote twice and placed them inside the key pouch.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

Second, I placed all three cards in the middle. Third, I scattered the coins on each side of the pouch.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

Fourth, I attached the keys on the hook. Notice that I used a separate metal loop for the keys as the hook would be too thick for the key hole.

Lastly, I positioned the set of keys horizontally on the side with seemingly less coins.

Step 1: Fold all banknotes.

How to Successfully Buy Designer Dupes on DHGate

Step 2: Insert cards in the middle. Step 3: Add all coins on article source sides.

Step 4: Attach keys to hook. Step 5: Insert keys.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

Step 6: Zip up! I gave it a little shake to make sure the coins are scattered evenly, avoiding the pouch to bulge on one side alone. Usually when a zippered pouch becomes overstuffed, the louis vuitton key pouch dupes becomes crooked.

However, the shape and form of the Louis Vuitton key pouch remained intact.

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I usually carry it with me for quick errands, when I carry a small bag, or when I travel. The teeth or chain of the zipper was kept straight, despite the pouch being full. So far, yes.

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

I like using louis vuitton key pouch dupes hook to keep my keys inside to protect my other belongings, instead of using the pouch as a bag charm. I hope LV makes this in damier graphite and monogram eclipse versions because my husband has been stealing jealous glances at it!

Louis vuitton key pouch dupes

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