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Overwatch league schedule 2020

overwatch league schedule 2020PLAYOFFS. Which team will conquer the playoffs and become our next champion, joining two previous winners in the London Spitfire () and San. Welcome to the Overwatch League, your home for all the latest information, news​, scores and stats Widowmaker 1v1 | Overwatch League All-Stars | NA.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

That dream was overwatch league schedule 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic and the inability for teams and players link travel.

At one point, the second-best team in the league dropped its entire roster.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

But things have steadily been turning around. After shifting to online playthe overwatch league schedule 2020 eventually adopted a tournament structureoverwatch league schedule 2020 added some much-needed excitement to the regular season and, later, the playoffs.

Overwatch League 2020 Season - Grand Finals Weekend - Day 1

It seems to have worked: the league says viewership peaked in the playoffs with an average minute audience ofviewers.

Now, OWL is looking overwatch league schedule 2020 league schedule 2020 build off of that momentum with its annual championship, the Grand Finals, which kicks off on October overwatch league schedule 2020.

How much is the Overwatch League 2020 Grand Finals prize pool?

For the overwatch league schedule 2020 two seasons, the Grand Finals has been a matchup between the top two teams in the league.

After OWL shifted to an online format, it was forced to divide teams into two regional groups; one for North America and another for Asia.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

Each had their own mini-playoffs, with the overwatch league schedule 2020 two teams from each region advancing to the Grand Finals. Overwatch league schedule 2020 teams will play each other online, but each squad will be based out of a team facility, where they can still physically interact with each other and coaches.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

Other esports competitions, like the League of Legends World Championshiphave opted to play in high-tech studios devoid of fans.

The San Francisco Shock are the defending champions, a team that managed to perform well all year despite losing their biggest star midway through the season.

The Philadelphia Fusion, meanwhile, have garnered a reputation as a great overwatch league schedule 2020 that falters in big moments.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

They were runner-up in the Grand Finals and similarly finished second in multiple other tournaments. They even had the second-best record in the OWL regular season.

Winners Final - @San Francisco Shock vs @Shanghai Dragons - Grand Finals Weekend - Day 2

The Shanghai Dragons — once the laughing overwatch league schedule 2020 of the league, failing to win a single match in — have since become a dominant force. They had the best regular season record this year and won the Asian region playoffs along with two midseason tournaments.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

After a middling regular season, where they finishedthey came alive in the playoffs, beating every team overwatch league schedule 2020 named the Shanghai Dragons. Seeing click to see more like the Shock and Dragons compete for the first time in should be an exciting moment for fans.

And it makes predicting a winner nearly impossible. And as has been the case all year, every game will only be available to watch on YouTube.

Overwatch league schedule 2020

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