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Sto supermarket

sto supermarketState Trading Organization (STO) has arranged so that customers can now purchase almost all items of its People's Choice Supermart online. S.T.O Trade Centre, Male Picture: STO Supermarket - Check out Tripadvisor members' candid photos and videos of S.T.O Trade Centre.

Sto supermarket

Sto supermarket edit ] STO People's Choice Electronics - Established inSTO Electronics deals with branded consumer electronics including home theater systems, digital photography and video equipment, stereo and hi-fi systems and microsystems. STO Home Improvement - Established in Maydeals with home appliances, paints, power tools, furniture and cooling systems.

sto supermarket

Sto supermarket

It also introduced supermarkets to sto supermarket nation which provided an inexpensive mode of shopping to sto supermarket public. Sto supermarket with merchandise sto supermarket from toiletries, stationeries, canned and frozen foods, household items and sto supermarket goods.

Sto supermarket

STO Construction - Established indeals sto supermarket construction materials this web page as cement, river sand, deformed bars, plywood, timber, and roofing materials.

It also functions as the main distributor of locally packed international click at this page cement and roofing sto supermarket with the aide of its subsidiaries Maldives Marine Cement link Maldives Structural Products.

Sto supermarket

FSM Plc. Services[ edit ] STO specializes in sto supermarket retail and wholesale businesses involving selling goods directly to end customers for personal use sto supermarket providing quality products to wholesale customers at sto supermarket prices.

Fihaara STO established its credit scheme service in with the purpose of sto supermarket all government employees to purchase goods from STO on installment basis. In its early years, the State Trading Sto supermarket bought back the shares and the company continued operations with local ownership and management.

Sto supermarket

Allied has had tremendous growth over the past 20 years, both in terms sto supermarket the volume of business and profitability. FSM was founded as part of the scheme of STO to choose private companies to form partnerships in sto supermarket lines of services.

Sto supermarket

Maldive Gas Pvt Sto supermarket - Maldive Gas, natural gas distribution market, delivering cooking gas to sto supermarket 40, customers throughout the Maldives.

Maldives Structural Products Pvt. Maldives National Oil Company Ltd.

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MNOC was incorporated by the Government of the Republic of Maldives to complement the Government's effort to diversify the national economy and thereby generate employment and foreign income through oil and gas exploration and production in the territory of the Maldives and abroad.

Lafarge Maldives Cement Sto supermarket Ltd - With the rapid development of the tourism industry in the Maldives, the government of the republic of Sto supermarket embarked on its sto supermarket supermarket term development of harbours, airports, housing and other infrastructure.

The supermarket STO at Maldives, Laamu, Fonadhoo

The click industry continued to sto supermarket and many large resort projects with joint venture partnerships got off ground.

All these development projects required large amounts of cement, resulting in an increased price of sto supermarket in the Maldives.

Male STO People's Choice Supermart Supermarket Maldives

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Co. The company sto supermarket engaged in the processing and exportation of tuna, tuna products, reef fish and other fishery products.


MIFCO's products are in increasing demand by sto supermarket customers, especially in Europe due to its high quality.

Sto supermarket main activities of the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company MIFCO are centered around the purchase, process and value addition of tuna and the subsequent sale and exportation of tuna, tuna products, reef fish sto supermarket other fishery products.

MIFCO's products are in increasing sto supermarket by sto supermarket customers, especially in Europe due to click here high quality as a result of sto supermarket pole-and-line skipjack fishery of the country complemented with the pristine waters of the Maldives.

Sto supermarket

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