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Viber game

viber gameGAMEE its gaming Chat Extension on Viber this week. This makes over 70 games available to directly play and share within Viber's chat. Viber is the FREE, simple, fast, and most secure messaging app with video calling feature. The messenger of choice for over 1 billion users worldwide! Text now.

Viber game, they are viber game on bringing their games to Viber, and we had a chance to talk to them about why they are building games on the platform.

Cocos: Can you give our readers an introduction?

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Groovy Antoid is a Viber game startup game dev studio based in Beirut and registered in the US read more viber game mission to create polished, fun, quirky hybrid casual games with an identifiable style.

C: When did viber game start to play video games?

Viber game

I am viber game game to have viber game dad that is as excited about technology as I am, so we had a computer when I was young that I quickly monopolized it sorry viber game.

After long days and nights playing arcade games, emulated viber game, and flash games, and dipping into all sorts of genres from RPGs to RTSs to MMOs, I was excited to make my own and read any programming resources I could find with our dialup internet.

What is Viber?

C: What then got you into the industry? Groovy Antoid group at Casual Connect After working on many different viber game of projects using a wide array of tools viber game engines, I had a deep skillset that allowed me the opportunity to join Groovy Antoid and help develop games with an amazing team.

How viber game that happen?

Viber game

viber game It was essential for us that artists and designers have an interface that viber game can use to integrate game art and UI designs.

The engine is also intuitive, and its internal architecture is easy for developers to pick up if they have experience viber game other engines e.

Viber game

C: What have you been using Cocos Creator for? This https://catalog-review.ru/and/www-beam-and-go.html it very easy viber game add a localization component so that any member of the team can attach it to viber game Label and link it to our localized strings.

Integrating external plugins has also been a breeze because of the JavaScript viber game. So we were able to adapt an existing shapes-gestures library instead of writing the algorithms ourselves from scratch. This viber game means we can make our own scripts as independent plugins and re-ruse them across projects!

How to Download, Install Viber Games on Your Smartphone [STEPS]

Running games directly in the browser also helps speed up iteration and makes it easy to debug issues using the viber game console to find errors and areas where viber game usage optimization is needed.

C: When we were talking to you https://catalog-review.ru/and/coin-master-tips-and-tricks-in-hindi.html this year, you were excited about building games for Viber.

Can you tell us first about what Viber is? They have adopted features like stickers and voice notes long before most other popular platforms.

Viber game

C: What got you viber game building games with Viber? K: We believe there is great potential in the Instant Gaming space, and the Viber game Games and ViberPlay teams have been very open and supportive with developers.

Viber game

These games are played within the Viber app, where players can discover games and viber game their friends through invites. C: What makes you excited about working with Viber?

Viber game

Also, the fact viber game our games instantly receive thousands of users without any marketing efforts, and when we do push for marketing, we are able to receive thousands more.

Viber game ViberPlay viber game Rakuten Games team have made sure to curate the platform well, and so users can find new games and make them popular. It is very common for other games platforms to have too many games, and the result is that too many games never get the exposure they need.

C: Any viber game developers should know about viber game Viber?

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Namely, developers need to optimize their game to have smaller build sizes, to have shorter load times, and to make sure it runs smoothly viber game all sorts of different viber game.

K: Cocos Creator has made it possible to iterate quickly during development, as it viber game the art-code bottleneck considerably since everyone on the team can integrate their work without needing to wait on the programmers.

This quick viber game is essential for Instant social games since thousands of users need constant updates and live service. Building for Viber with Cocos Creator is fantastically easy. viber game

Viber game

At this point, we have a one-click viber game that automatically exports from Viber game Creator using the command lineviber viber game the SDKs we need, and then uploads the final zip to Viber to be deployed. They have shared their best internal resources and tips with us.

Viber game

C: What viber game your future plans? K: We plan to continue to make awesome games we can be proud of!

Viber game

I am excited to see what happens in that space. Previous Post.

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