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Epay punjab app registration

Download ePay Punjab and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Step 1: Install the Epay Punjab app. Step 2: Register using your CNIC and your email ID. Step 2: Click the Excise and Taxation Tab and enter.

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It is one of epay punjab app registration best work done by the Punjab IT Board. It will resolve the issue of many people who are mostly busy epay punjab app registration can't spare time to visit GPO to pay token tax.

2 million beneficiaries across Punjab pay over PKR 10 billion in taxes through e-Pay Punjab app

With the help of this mobile application, one can easily pay token tax etc. Furthermore, It will ensure transparency, uniformity and hassle-free epay punjab app registration.

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How to Pay Epay punjab app registration Online 1. Sign read more in 'ePay Punjab' and fill out your epay punjab epay punjab app registration registration information.

Select your desired service to generate a digit unique PSID number. Token Tax for Vehicle: Annual tax paid by owners of motor vehicles. Motor Vehicle Registration: One-time fee paid by the buyer of a new vehicle at the time of purchase.

Vehicle Transfer: Fee paid at the epay punjab app registration of transfer of vehicle to a new owner.

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Property Tax: Annual tax paid by property owners in urban areas. Mutation Fee: Fee paid by the buyer at the time of transfer of property to a new epay punjab app registration. Fard Fee: Fee paid by the owner of the property for the issuance of property ownership document.

Professional Tax: Epay punjab app registration paid by the working professional on his profession on an annual basis.

ePay Punjab processes transactions worth more than PKR 2 billion in tax collection

Cotton Fee: Fee paid on raw cotton brought to the ginning factory. Business Registration Fee: Fee epay punjab app registration href="https://catalog-review.ru/app/pluscoin-app.html">click at this page by the owner to register his business.

Services Sales Tax.

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