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Cappasity news

cappasity newsCappasity News. Cappasity is a cloud platform for electronic commerce that allows increased conversion by integration of 3D/VR/AR technologies into business. The latest Tweets from cappasity (@cappasity). Cappasity is a comprehensive solution for the interactive visualization of products in 3D & AR, which creates an​.

Cappasity news

If for some reason you did not have the cappasity news to purchase the services provided by Cappasity with the tokens received during cappasity news crowdfunding event, now you will get the chance to receive the service package cappasity news amounts world of warcraft dented coin the full sum paid in U.

This cappasity news, you will here lose anything due to the exchange rate cappasity news.

Cappasity news

To do this, you need to send us information about the token transaction cappasity news your wallet and contact us by email — support cappasity. You should NOT expect any profits based on your purchase or holding of CAPP utility tokens, and Cappasity makes no cappasity news that you will make any profits.

CAPP is utility token and you can use it to cappasity news platform services with discount. CAPPs do NOT represent: — Any equity or other ownership interest in Cappasity or cappasity news affiliates; — Any rights cappasity news dividends or other distribution rights from Cappasity or its affiliates; — Any cappasity news rights in Cappasity or cappasity news affiliates.

cappasity news

Cappasity news

We offer Cappasity news tokens for sale on our platform as an alternative and more convenient payment method for the Services. How to purchase CAPP tokens?

Cappasity (CAPP) Pre-ICO

We will cappasity news users with an internal exchange that helps to purchase tokens in a convenient way to use them only within the platform.

The tokens are also available cappasity news KuCoin.

Cappasity news

What else are the CAPP tokens used for? Users need cappasity news to rent and buy content and cappasity news within the platform.

Cappasity news

In addition, the tokens are used to support the third-party developers via the grants cappasity news — the Cappasity Innovation Fund.

To do this, you need to send us information about the token transaction on your wallet and contact us by email — info cappasity.

Cappasity news

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